So you can Grow your Influence, Amplify your Reputation and Impact your Career.

Why Build your Brand? Did you know...

- 93% of recruiters review a candidate's online profile BEFORE they decide to call

- 85% of employers say a positive online brand impacts their decisions

- 70% of employers rejected candidates because of their online brand

This means if we're not intentional about defining and building our brands, others will do it for us.

However, if you take the time to intentionally Build your Brand you can position yourself as the go-to person in your field by growing your influence and amplifying your reputation.

You can become recognized for the expertise you already have. Are you ready?

Who is Ryan Rhoten?

Not long ago, I was just an ordinary Ryan. I got up in the morning, drove an hour to work, came home, played with my children, went to bed, got up and did it all over again.

But I had this nagging feeling I was meant to do something more with my life.

It was this feeling that motivated me to start my personal branding journey. Going through the process I realized a couple of key things. First, we all have a brand, whether we know it or not. Second, if you take the time to build you brand, you can get back to doing work that matters to you.

For that to happen, you need to start actively building your brand.

As a part of my personal branding journey, I decided to Google myself. That’s when I discovered I was one of four Ryan Rhoten's in the world and I wasn’t anywhere to be found on the first three (3) pages of Google search results.

Can you guess who was on page one, four times?  One of the other Ryan’s of course, but not just any one of them, it was the one who had been recently arrested...again.

Anyone searching for me online back then, would have him NOT me.

I vowed at that moment to never again leave my brand, my reputation, in the hands of others. Instead, I would learn to build my personal brand online and help as many other people as possible do the same.

More than just an online presence

Today, I’m happy to report that on any given day I own page one when you Google my name.  The ‘bad’ Ryan?  He’s solidly on page two now.

That didn’t happen by accident.  It took hard work, a lot of research and very intentional actions on my to start building my brand.

You can do the same using a 4 step process I call D.I.C.E.




Defining and positioning your brand to target the right audience.



Building your digital brand so you get recognized for your expertise.



Creating content using your knowledge and expertise in your field.



Using of the power of social media to engage and interact with your audience.

The D.I.C.E process will give you back the confidence you once had by focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

By focusing on your strengths and the work you naturally gravitate towards, you'll see that you are an expert and others will start to recognize it too.

If you think you're ready to grow your influence and amplify your reputation then get started by finding out what others discover when they search for you on Google.

What they find matters.  How you present yourself online can bring opportunities to you or it can cost you opportunities.  Ready to find out which is the case for you?