Leadership lessons from the golf course

Rhoten on golf and leadership

Golf seems like such an easy game to play…until you play it. Once on the course, you realize quickly that there is a lot more to golf than just hitting a little ball towards a flag several hundred yards away. In addition to just being downright difficult to making the ball do what you want…

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Use Flowcharts to improve your business

Rhoten Flow Chart

Move over Six Sigma.  Flowcharts are where it’s at.  In fact, at the root of every good six sigma project, you’ll find a flowchart.  As a trained Black Belt (not the Bruce Lee kind) I can tell you that the majority of improvement projects I have worked on have easily been solved by constructing and…

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Top 3 reasons why Failure equals Success

Failure equals success

Why Failure equals Success “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan What is failure? Is failure simply the opposite of winning? Or is failure something bigger and more meaningful? I’ve always been in the camp that we learn the most when we fail. After all, if we try something…

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