How to setup your blog in just 5 minutes!

(A step-by-step walkthrough using Bluehost and WordPress)

Affiliate Notice: I am an affiliate partner with Bluehost.  If you choose to setup up your website using the links on this page I will get a small commission. This does not impact your cost and the commission allows me to purchase a cold beverage in your honor. Cheers!

NOTE: I have used Bluehost exclusively now for five years. I have used it for all of my websites including this one. This is why I can confidently recommend them to you.  

My top 5 reasons you should start a blog

1 - Provides you with your personal "real estate" online.  Anything less is rented space.

2 - It's the basis of building and managing your personal brand reputation

3 - Blogging helps you vet out your thoughts and position you as the Google of your niche

4 - Allows you to teach and share your subject matter expertise with a larger audience

5 - Provides the necessary platform for you to eventually monetize your knowledge

My top 5 reasons you should use Bluehost

1 - They provide awesome customer service via chat, email or phone.

2 - Affordable pricing. For as little as $3.95 a month you won't find a better value.

3 - Free domain. When you purchase hosting you get your domain name gratis!

4 - One hosting fee allows unlimited domains. For when inspiration strikes in the showerQ

5 - Money back guarantee. If you're not happy you can get a full refund within 30 days

Don't let the "technical" stuff hold you back!

You and I have a lot in common. I've been in your shoes before, staring a computer screen just like you are now, trying to decide if I was ready.  If I could handle the "technical" stuff.

Guess what? You can and you need to is you truly want to take charge of your trajectory and stop letting others control it for you.  This is the first step you need to take in order to share you knowledge with the world, become visible and get noticed for your subject matter expertise.

I've taken the hardest part, the getting started part, and put it in this step-by-step video.  In less than 5 minutes (depending on your internet speed) you can sign up with bluehost, register your domain, install WordPress and publish your first post!