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It’s Saturday morning.  Early.  This is the time I reserve for the side business when the podcast is in full swing for editing. Unfortunately, there is no place I edit this early quietly enough without waking up everyone else.  Fortunately, this apartment has a solution for me.  




This room is called Think room. It's a nice little place here in the apartment complex where they allow people just to come in here and have a space to, think. It’s basically a co-working space.  Today, I have to get some podcast stuff wrapped up. 

It has to be done today because tomorrow I'm leaving on a week-long trip. This trip is something I'm pretty excited about but I'm not going to tell you about it until tomorrow’s blog.

Instead, it's time to listen to some podcasts, make some show notes, develop the ending for the two shows I’m editing. This should allow enough time for everyone else to wake up.  

Then I can go back to the “studio” and get the podcasts recorded for this week.


I relaunched my podcast this week and so this means it's Saturday mornings are once again going to become all about the podcast; show notes, editing, etc. The podcast releases every Thursday morning. If you haven't checked it out yet I highly recommend you do.

It's called The BRAND New You Show.

The podcast, while not a revenue generating part of the side business, is pretty important to my marketing efforts. I get a few leads a week contacting me because they heard the podcast.  So to me, it's worth the five to six hours a week I spend putting it together.


It was a pretty productive morning in the Think room.  I’m heading back to the apartment to record, edit and upload two episodes. It took six hours since I started to get both podcasts ready for release.  Overall It was a very productive morning.

In addition to getting the podcast ready to go, I also got yesterday’s vlog edited and uploaded.  Now, it’s time to get some lunch heading out with my man Seth on this beautiful day in Golden, Colorado.


CREATOR NOTE: The audio is in this video is, well, bad. I’m still trying to figure this piece out.  My guess is I”m covering up the microphone with my hand.  I’ll get it figured out.  

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