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UPDATED:  In Feb 2017 changed its platform to become, a platform for remote freelance workers.

You can about the change and what, if anything you can do about any content you may have lost here: 


Today on the BRAND New You Show we welcome Nick Macario Founder and CEO of, answers the question, “What is”?

Nick has over 8+ years of entrepreneurial experience with hands on training and real life wins and loses. He has built multiple successful companies from the ground up, some of which are still operating and growing to date.

His latest company, is a new personal brand platform that might just be the fastest and easiest way for professionals to create completely customizable personal websites. empowers individuals of all ages and skill levels to take control of their personal brands, by building a personal website in minutes.

What is

Built in just seven months (Jan 2015), is newly released website building platform, that may just be the quickest and easiest way to create a website online.  It uses information from your LinkedIn profile to create a very visually appealing website.

Nick created because he knew as a hiring manager and start-up entrepreneur, he needed to increase his online visibility.  This allows potential employees or investors who search for him on Google to find him easily.

The idea for came to Nick as he was reviewing multiple options to build a website.  Frustrated by what he found, in true entrepreneurial fashion, Nick decided to build a new platform to meet his needs as well as fulfill what he saw as a gap in the market.

Before building the platform, Nick partnered with the dot me registry to conduct extensive market research including a survey of 600 plus individuals.  Here are few of the results the survey uncovered.

  • 61% of those surveyed say they've received a job offer because of their personal blog.
  • Only 4% of those surveyed have a website  
  • 63% said a personal website is more valuable to their long-term career than a resume
  • 85% believe that a personal website will become even more important over the next 5 years.

You can find the survey results and an Infographic below.  You can also view the infographic by scrolling to the bottom of this post. make use of LinkedIn as the backbone for your the site.  Using LinkedIn helps differentiates from its competitors as well as points the platform squarely at their target audience; career-minded professionals like us.

Using LinkedIn also helps create a very complete, professional looking website that showcases your skills and talents in seconds.

Nick and his team have continued to iterate since the initial launch and are adding features every week.  In fact, they are adding them so quickly that my original video showing how to set up your account already needs to be updated.

Based on the rate of expansion version 2.0 will be even more impressive than the current release, which is saying something. does have two levels of pricing. The basic plan is completely free.  The Pro plan currently runs $9 a month or $7 a month if paid annually.

Select the benefits included with the pro account to include removing the branding from your site and giving you the ability to connect your own domain name.

So instead of having you can have Well, not really, that’s my site.


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