Madalyn Sklar – How to get the most from conferences

Today we welcome to the show Madalyn Sklar the fearless leader at Go Girls Music.

Go Girls Music, is the oldest and largest online community of indie women musicians. Madalyn founded Go Girls in 1996 with the vision of bringing together independent women musicians from around the world.

Because she is an early adopter of new technologies, Madalyn has been able to weave together her vast experiences with technology and music to become a highly sought after Business Coach & Social Media Strategist.

She was named one of the 10 most powerful women in Music by Curve magazine and she is ranked as the #3 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston.

Madeline Runs the largest musicians Twitter chat every Thursday at 3 pm AND 9 pm ET. Which means that you can tune in later today to participate at #ggchat




Creating a BRAND New you will require you to gain new or additional knowledge in areas you unfamiliar to you. I feel that one of the best way to get started gaining that knowledge is to attend conferences.

As the founder of Go Girls, Madalyn has attended and organized numerous conferences.

As you could image she has a wealth of knowledge and experiences regarding the right way and the wrong way to attend a conference. We discuss them all including the importance of having a plan in place before each conference.

Additionally, we discuss specific items to take with you such as:

  • Pen and Paper
  • Business Cards – Madalyn gives a great tip on what to include on your business card.
  • Cell phone battery pack
  • Cell phone charger – Carry it with you!
  • Water
  • Chapstick (This one is mine)
  • Backpack
  • Powerstrip – You’ll be a hero.

We discuss the use of business cards, selfies, how to find the best networking sessions, what social media apps to use while at the conference and how to properly follow-up after the conference.

Yes. You need to follow-up. Madalyn gives us a great suggestion on how to follow up in the most memorable way.

The best way for you to follow up with Madalyn is via:

Web: MadalynSklar

Twitter: @madalynsklar


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