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Today we welcome back to the show Madalyn Sklar founder of the online course Twitter Smarter.

As I mentioned in show, 21, Madalyn runs the largest musicians Twitter chat every Thursday at 3 pm AND 9 pm ET. Which means that you can tune in later today to participate at #ggchat

It's no secret that I love Twitter.  I’m on it daily and I truly believe that you should be too. Twitter is a great way to connect and have a conversation with people you never thought possible.

Want to connect with a hiring manager? no problem. How about your favorite author? Hello, I’m living proof of that.

Because I’m a big fan, I get asked about how to use it a lot. While I consider myself knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of using Twitter Madalyn actually runs a 4-week live training master class called Twitter Smarter.

When I found out about her class, I knew we needed to have a discussion about it. And let me tell you If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use Twitter, well… Smarter, then this is definitely the class for you.

Madalyn and I left off last weeks show just as we were about to transition into a discussion about her course.

So without any further ado, it’s time to learn how to Twitter Smarter .


We talk about the differences between Twitter and Facebook and why Twitter is better for connecting with people.

We discuss Madalyn’s course Twitter Smarter which you can find at

Madalyn generously offers You, The BRAND New You listeners an awesome discount on the class. Just use promo code (RYAN) during the checkout process.

Thanks, Madalyn!

Twitter Smarter Class Overview

Week One – Twitter Overview & Building The Perfect Twitter Profile

In week one, you’ll get a Twitter overview and then dive into how to best stand out with the most captivating profile. Madalyn shares lots of examples and explains how to make yours shine.

Week one is primarily about helping you create a Twitter bio that rocks! However, if you’re not sure what to tweet Madalyn share ideas on what to regularly tweet that will help you get noticed.

Week Two – Building Your Twitter Tribe

In week two Madalyn looks at the best methods for increasing your Twitter following and the importance of listening and engaging. She’ll show you how to connect with people of influence in your industry as well as big brands, celebrities, and rock stars.

Other items covered in week two include how to properly use hashtags both your tweets and in your searches, how to best use Twitter lists and how to connect with your followers & start building your tribe.

Week Three – Get On Their Radar

During week three Madalyn takes a look at various methods you can use to gain attention. She’ll show you how to get on the radar with your tweets, retweets, replies, direct messages and Twitter chats. If you want to connect with hiring managers, this is the week for you.

Madalyn also demonstrates the new Twitter video feature; how it works and ways to take advantage of this option. In addition, she covers, in detail, how to craft the perfect tweet, how often and when to tweet as well as how to properly tag users and use hashtags.

Week Four – The Best Twitter Tools

In week four Madalyn pulls back the curtain and shows you her favorite Twitter tools and how to make them work for you. She'll teach you how to get the most out of popular tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. And the best part, these tools are free!

Madalyn also shares her step-by-step process on how to use these tools in unison to build a tribe and get on people’s radar.

Madalyn’s goal with Twitter Smarter is to make you a rock star on Twitter!

The best way for the listeners to get in touch with Madalyn

Twitter: @madalynsklar


Web: Twitter Smarter Class – Don’t forget to use the coupon code RYAN to receive $25 off! Thank you, Madalyn.

Madalyn leaves us with these final thoughts:

“Listen to the conversations on social media, get out there engage and connect with people”

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